Hot Mama…

Hello Lovelies

This post is dedicated to all the hot mama’s to be. A friend is pregnant and she was looking for fashionable yet comfortable clothing. I am no expert in this field but I have noticed that garish maternity attire is a thing of the past.

The cuts of certain recent fashion trends run a little bigger therefore you can get away with regular clothing by buying a size or two bigger.The most uncomfortable thing according to my friend is tight fitting pants. So my tip is to purchase anything with an elasticated waist if it isn’t in the maternity section of a store. Leggings and jeggings should be a pregnant lady’s key item. As they are comfortable, but remember the golden rule: “Leggings are not PANTS”. So pair your leggings with longer length tops, tunics and cardigans. Another item to purchase are boyfriend jeans as they are very comfy, but remember to find one that has a tapered leg as this balances out the heavier top. If you looking to wear dresses choose an empire line cut as this is the most flattering.






Xx (From a rather broody)

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