A hashtag and filter world…

Hello lovelies


Oh well by the above picture you have realised that this isn’t a trend post.

We live in a “#” world where choosing the correct Instagram filter requires a thought process. I’m no stranger to filters I admit I use them to enhance some of my photos. If it’s there why not right? And they don’t exactly alter your appearance, but there are apps that do.

I came across a few beauty Apps when I actually took the time to visit my App Store ,thinking that they just have more filters and you can crop your photos etc. I was taken aback when I actually opened the App.
Forget filters this is what the App claims to do.
-Erase Acne
– Remove dark circles around eyes.
– Make your eyes bigger or smaller and brighter.
-Change your complexion. There’s a moderate to extreme option depending on how much of a change you want (no I’m not kidding).
– And I shall leave the best for last:
You can do a virtual nip tuck by changing your face shape so I guess that means you can go from heart to oval with one swipe of your screen.

Magazines are noted to photoshop their cover stars and even some ad campaigns are photoshopped. Curves disappear and noses become perfect. These things are never taken lightly and there’s always some sort of controversy surrounding it. The mere fact that we aren’t meant to be perfect being the main reason. As humans we have this desire to appear flaw-free.

These free beauty App’s are by no way professional tools but they aid in helping one appear “perfect”. The sad thing is with these things around you start becoming obsessed with making your face appear beauty campaign worthy.

The thing is the only way you will ever be happy is to accept your little quirks and flaws. As a blogger I’m the face of Style By Shaheeda and I’m by no means a supermodel. I have come to accept my own flaws and deal with them (and not by photoshopping my pictures) .I am not a fan of my left side (explains why most of my pictures are from one angle only), I hate the dark rings around my eyes and marks left by sudden breakouts (but there’s concealer for that) I don’t have perfect teeth (explains the serious pouty #selfies) and I don’t like my hairline (hence the bangs).

A Valencia and Sierra is as far as I go, so I’m not living in a filter free world but trimming my jawline to appear symmetrical is a total no-no…

Remember to love your body with all it’s flaws because it’s the only one you have.


2 thoughts on “A hashtag and filter world…

  1. Rushda says:

    Oh my goodness! I had no idea that such apps even existed. I’m aware of photoshop being used professionally, but on PP? We all have our flaws that we hate, but we’ve got to live with it hey? This is why we live in an age where it has become acceptable to hi for surgery to change your nose, lips, boobs, butt, actually any part of your body!

    Rushda xx

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