Pond’s B(udget) B(uy) Cream…

Hello Lovelies

As many of you know by now, I love a good BB cream. Today’s review is on a budget friendly product the Pond’s BB cream. Khatija (owner of makeup brand 27Pinkx) recommended it to me and any advice from a qualified makeup artist and enthusiast is gold.
I decided to purchase it with my Clicks rewards voucher.


The texture is light and oil free therefore it’s perfect if you have oily/combination skin. I don’t have oily skin so I felt it quite matte. If you do have dry skin I suggest you use a moisturiser or primer before applying the BB cream.

Colour Spectrum
Most BB creams come in a broad colour spectrum or at least three shades, but the Pond’s BB Cream only comes in two shades (Beige and Chocolate). I purchased the Beige it’s a little darker to my other products but once blended I found it to be okay.

I was quite impressed with the coverage as I didn’t need much concealer to cover up blemishes. The colour pigment is quite potent so as you layer the product the more coverage you get, you might not need concealer if you don’t have dark blemishes. I found that my blemishes that have faded were covered by the cream alone.


Added Benefits
The Pond’s BB cream is part of the
Age Miracle range which has anti ageing properties aiding in the prevention of wrinkles and age spots. The SPF 30 protects from the harsh UVA and UVB ray’s.

The only cons for me is that it’s specified for African skin tones and there are only two shades available. Therefore if you have pink undertone this won’t work for you .Also I prefer something that adds some radiance to my skin and the matte finish of the product didn’t do this for me. In future I’d use an illuminator in conjunction with it.

My overall take on the product is that it’s worth a try. It’s budget friendly with a price tag of R125 and a little product goes a long way.

Rating :7/10


One thought on “Pond’s B(udget) B(uy) Cream…

  1. fathimaNM says:

    I’ve used the ponds bb cream for a while and it was great! Good coverage and didn’t leave my face oily. After a while though, maybe 6 months down the line, I noticed it gave me more blackheads and the colour was starting to look too dark on my skin. That’s when I realised I needed to kick the bb cream for a while and stick to foundation seeing as I didn’t use either very often.

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