Sheer Joy…

Hello Lovelies

From sweaters to skirts the sheer trend is prevalent this season. When you think “sheer” the word sexy comes to mind. As many of you know a sexy trend can be interpreted in the wrong way, and you could be the resident “fash-hole” if you don’t know how to style this trend.

The Sheer Shirt
Most of us would just wear a camisole under a sheer shirt but now it is all about showing off your intimates, but don’t get carried away. The key thing is to make sure that your selected underwear must not be overtly provocative as this will make it more trashy than trendy.
The sheer and stripes (below) makes for a perfect and chic combo.


The Sheer Skirt
If you are going to rock the sheer maxi skirt/dress be prepared to channel your inner Bridget Jones with high waisted knickers. NO-G STRINGS ALLOWED!!
The oversized coat as a cover up makes it demure, and how gorge is this sweater that has just a hint of sheer.


The sheer midi skirt is the most popular one that I have seen; it is basically a mini with a sheer layer.
How adorbs is this pink and purple ensemble?



As I was saying earlier this trend can be executed in a horrific manner ,these celebs demonstrate how not to wear sheer:


Now just remember to keep it classy , unless you want to be known as the lady who “Had the sheer audacity to wear that in public”…


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