Do it Yourself…

Hello Lovelies

With the increase in the cost of living it’s not the easiest to just spend money on luxuries. So today’s post is dedicated to DIY beauty and fashion.


With the colder weather comes dry skin. A few simple ingredients creates this Face Mask to nourish your skin.

Glowing skin means healthy skin, get that glow when you apply this DIY mask for 15 mins.

A condition that many suffer with is dry hair due to heat styling and dyeing. Try these two easy DIY hair masks for luscious locks.


Plain sweaters and T-shirts can be given a makeover by glueing/sewing on embellishments. Remember to purchase fabric glue and use your imagine to create a unique garment.

Do you have a pair of trusty denims that are looking a bit worn out? Use some fabric paint to paint on some polka dots which are so cute and trendy right now.


The perfect way to make a statement is with a pair of stunning shoes.

Give your trusty white sneakers a makeover by glueing a piece of glitter ribbon on the back.


Your trusty pair of black courts might seem a little boring but nothing a few beads and crystals can’t conquer. When placing embellishment’s on the toe cap of the shoe use masking tape to conceal the area that you want to remain plain.



Are you planning to do it yourself ? I know I’m eager to try a few of the above DIY tricks.


Disclaimer: all pictures were sourced off the internet and with anything beauty related remember to try out a little product on the area to see if you might have a reaction.

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