Pastel Hue…

Hello Lovelies

I came across these pictures of NYX ‘s Macaron Lipstick range recently and they are the inspiration for my latest post.



Pastel makeup is a huge trend for spring, but I also spotted this beauty trend in the latest Glamour South Africa. When it comes to my eyes I generally stick to neutral tones, and I experiment with a bright lip colour now and then. I gravitate towards pink and coral, I just can’t see myself rocking yellow and turquoise lippie!!!!

Skin tone and personality play a big part when carrying off this trend. The soft pastel shades work well with fairer skins and brighter shades work well on darker skin tones.

Where I feel personality comes in is if you choose to go bold you need to own that look, and sometimes it isn’t the easiest to pull off. Consult the assistant/makeup artist on hand for colours that suit your skin tone. Always test products, wear it around for a while and make sure it actually suits you before purchasing. I know first hand about this as I purchased a coral lipstick which I didn’t test on my lips , I just used the swatch on my hand as the deciding factor. It looked horrid on me but amazing on my friend who has a total different skin tone to me

Some pastel inspiration….(I must admit that it is a very pretty trend but I’m not sure if I’m about to use some of these sorbet shades on my face just yet.)







Another tip, choose to focus on one area only if you plan on going with bright tones. (Refer to the picture below for a rainbow reason why you should adhere to this!)


What are your favourite makeup trends and are you willing to go pretty pastel ?


2 thoughts on “Pastel Hue…

  1. fathimaNM says:

    Pastel on the lips does seem a bit extreme but the colours are so pretty and who knows, it might just surprise you and totally suit you. I’m definitely gonna give it a try one day!

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