Blogger of the month: May

Hello Lovelies

I am primarily a fashion and beauty blogger but the idea of domestic diva-ness is one of my goals too (believe it or not). A blogger / super mom that inspires me is Naqiyah Mayat (Niqi) from Niqi Living Luxe . Niqi Living Luxe is a lifestyle blog which is all about Niqi’s love of great food , decor and even incorporating a little fashion and beauty now and then.

Niqi’s gifting ideas and gifts can essentially be described in one word – Luxe! Her attention to detail and innovative ideas make these gifts a pleasure to give as they are bound to be loved by the recipient.

The first thing that got me interested in Niqi’s recipes were her ‘Niqi Lunch Box’ pictures and posts featuring all her scrumptious delicacies that she makes for her family .On more than one occasion I asked her to adopt me (No offense mom I still love you). Her lunchbox treats are well thought of and not difficult to emulate it’s just that her presentation is incredible and that takes dedication.

Niqi also dabbles in party planning and high teas. I saw pictures of two high teas that she has coordinated and I was in awe. Each theme came to life in the decor , colour scheme and sweet treats. My dream is to have Niqi design the tea table at my wedding (someday).

I chose a few pictures off her blog to demonstrate how talented she is but head over to her blog to see the Luxuriousness that’s Niqi…






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