How to achieve that “natural” look…

Hello Lovelies

I posted a selfie on Instagram yesterday and I was asked what makeup I used to achieve that glowing complexion. I’m so very tempted to say “I woke up like this…” But I ain’t Beyoncé …


The base of my look is a primer that works well with my skin as it has an almost clear consistency (so it doesn’t alter the colour of my foundation) it isn’t oily and it protects the skin with an SPF of 20. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer is the first ever primer that I have purchased and I will definitely repurchase it.


I then used the M•A•C Prep+ prime BB (beauty balm) if there’s a product I can genuinely say I find amazing it’s this one. Read more about this wonder here .


Although the BB cream does offer coverage I still need to use a concealer.My choice when I use something lightweight is the M•A•C Studio Finish Concealer, as it’s cream like texture ensures that it’s long wearing. I use it around my eyes and on blemishes , but a very minimal amount.


A coral blush adds that extra radiance , I always opt for cream blush as it’s long wearing as well. I used M•A•C Cremeblend Blush in Something Special. I feel that it compliments my complexion.


I can’t get enough of my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The neutral shades are my forté ,I can’t wear heavy colours on my eyes it just isn’t me. I went with Burnout (Third from the left) and Limit (Fourth from the left). Initially I planned on doing a bright lip that’s why I opted for lighter eyes. I finished it off with brown eyeliner on the top and bottom quarter of my outer eye. This makes the eyes pop a little but and brown isn’t as stark as black especially for a day look.


I purchased my very first Chanel lipstick on holiday and it’s my favourite shade. Organdi Rose is a pinky nude shade that I wear most days as it just seems to compliment everything. I planned on doing red lips but the lipstick just didn’t want to set, so I wiped it off and used my fail safe which actually looked way better.


With makeup I find it’s all about what products suit you and your preferences that’s when it all comes together. Although we are altering our appearance to an extent, it’s about feeling comfortable with it.


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