to Tommy from Zooey…

Hello Lovelies

Designer-Celebrity collaborations catch my attention as I love to see how the designer chooses to represent the star.
Tommy Hilfiger couldn’t have picked a better person to represent his preppy brand when he chose to collaborate with Zooey Dechanel. Zooey is best known for her bangs and role as Jess in New Girl where she portrays a cute preppy character , and she’s very similar to her on screen persona in reality.


The collection is called “to Tommy from Zooey” , and the primary colour palette is navy red and white. The Nautical inspiration is Tommy’s forté and it’s one of my favourite trends. The pieces are timeless much like most Tommy Hilfiger garments that embody that all American Classic touch.





My must have item are these two handbags. How cute is the detail on the handle of the satchel!


Stuttafords stocks Tommy Hilfiger in South Africa and I’m hoping this collection makes it to our shores…


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