As sweet as honey

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One of my readers Safiyyah is the owner of an online store that sells honey. Aptly called The Queen Bee . Safiyyah is such a sweetheart so it’s such a befitting business for her. I approached her about doing a blog post on her products she offered to do a little beauty inspired honey blog post . She writes so well I suggested she attempt blogging. Read on for different beauty uses of this edible treat.


Legend has it that Cleopatra – one of the most beautiful & seductive Queens swore by her milk & honey bath to keep her skin radiant, smooth, soft & supple. It was dubbed the perfect combination of sweetness and the essence of youth.
The ancient Egyptians attributed honey to be a Gift from God due to its wide variety of uses. The crowning glory of honey is its medicinal value. Where else can you find a sedative to calm the nerves and kids, a sleep remedy, a soothing aid for the stomach or that annoying cough without any side effects? Not to mention what it does to germs and bacteria and did I mention arthritis?!
Honey has huge differences in taste, density, colour,aroma- but no matter what, its healing properties come from its storehouse of nutrients and minerals. Its anti-bacterial properties makes it the perfect treatment to take or to apply outside the body!
I’ve compiled a head-to-toe treatment inspired by this wonderfood to pamper yourself:
Hair mask: 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon honey. Mix and Apply to hair after cleansing with a shampoo, massage into strands and scalp, and then rinse.The honey in this recipe boosts glossiness and acts as a hydrating humectants.

Cleopatras Bath Scrub: 300gr sea salt mixed with ¼ cup heavy cream and applied to the body in circular motions. Pure honey crystallizes naturally, so don’t despair if your jar seems grainy -if used by itself it is also great for body exfoliation.

Cleopatras Milk Bath: 2 – 4 cups of full-cream milk mixed with ½ cup honey and poured into a tub of warm water for a 20 minute soak.

Body Moisturizer: Mix a few tablespoons of honey with some shea butter. Apply evenly.
Honey’s ability to absorb and retain moisture makes it an ideal ingredient to keep skin hydrated and fresh and prevents drying

Face Mask: Mix equal amounts of milk & honey .Apply to face. Leave for half an hour and rinse off using warm water.

Honey peel: Combine equal amounts of honey, egg yolk, ground oatmeal. Apply to face like a mask. Leave on for 10-15 min and rinse off using warm water.

Pimples and acne: mix cinnamon and honey (or purchase one that’s ready mixed) and apply onto pimples. Leave on to dry and sleep with the mixture overnight. Rinse off in the morning. The anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties of Honey draws blemishes to the surface & dissipates them.
Honey gives the skin a good thrill! It encourages improved skin blood flow, and leaves the skin feeling smoother and firmer! It is no wonder that the great beauty houses develop products using honey for its anti-wrinkle properties.

And finally as winter draws closer-
A natural remedy for Chapped lips: mix honey and coconut oil into a lipbalm jar and apply as needed. Unlike other chapsticks, it doesn’t draw the natural moisture of the lips away.
Your kitchen cupboards are filled with goodness that goes beyond preparing your favourite baking treat. Treat your skin.
A variety of honey products are available from :
The Queen Bee & we cater for special orders if placed in advance.

Follow The Queen Bee on Facebook HERE

Have a sweet Monday


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