Be a Lady

Hello lovelies

This post popped into my mind when I logged on to my mail today , and a picture of a HUMAN Barbie pops up. She somehow thinks her surgically enhanced doll like appearance is something to be proud of, but it’s just a trashy equivalent of Courtney Love on a bender.


People might excuse it and think that people like her make up the weird part of this weird and wonderful world we live in. But to me it shines a light on women being so cray cray that they have lost the true essence of ladylike behaviour.

We are plagued with a world where Miley’s tongue and Gaga’s attire are the topics of scrutiny, but how does this impact on us as women? Celebrities aren’t the only culprits, on a daily basis I come across pictures of women on social networks “flaunting what their mama gave them” .

The main thing that bothers me is the way some women dress. Learning about body shapes and what suits each shape makes me even more aware of this.

So here are my rules for dressing like a lady
-Cleavage ,legs and bodycon on one person (yes even if you are a Kardashian) isn’t acceptable. Please choose one part to flaunt if you have to, and leave a little to the imagination.


-ill fitting clothes (be it too tight , too short or even too big) are always a no-no. Always dress for your shape!


-Don’t be a trend whore- not everything is going to suit you. if you aren’t entirely comfortable in something, don’t buy it. If a magazine or blogger tells you something is a must have it doesn’t mean it’s a must have for everyone.

-If your love handles are gaping from your pants or jeans it is time to give them away. (The jeans hey I wish love handles could be given away)


-If you can’t walk in certain high heels don’t attempt it, you are just going to look uncomfortable and people around you are going to notice it too. (Yes I mean the girls who wear sky high stilettos to a mall but need their boyfriend to lean on for support)


To round it up, be classy and not a clothes horse!


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