Rain Africa Blogger Meet

Hello Lovelies

A few weekends ago I attended my first ever blogger meet, hosted by Rain Africa Durban (Yes I am very delayed). The venue was the lovely Makaranga Garden Lodge in Kloof, which complemented the Rain Africa ambiance perfectly.



Yusuf Shaikh and Ryan owners of the Rain Africa Store in Gateway, welcomed us with chilled drinks and yummy confectionary. The atmosphere was serene and wonderful. We were then treated to hand massages by Ronel and Tanya from the Rain Africa in Swellendam (where the Rain concept was born).



Yusuf , Ronel and Ryan then gave us some information regarding their product ranges, and how Rain Africa started-A company that now boasts various Branches started in a garage in Swellendam .

I could go on and take information straight off their website (HERE) about their products, and their various trade ethics. But that wasn’t what made me fall in love with their products. Rain Africa employs underprivileged and disabled staff, which they refer to as their Rain Family. It is gratifying to know that when you purchase a product there is someone out there will benefit from this thriving business.

I also got to meet fellow Durban Based bloggers which was one of the highlights as I didn’t know of many of them before this. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long and enjoy lunch with the rest of the ladies (due to other commitments) but I got to get acquainted with a few lovely women that I hope to see in other events in the future.

Tsonga shoes also sent a representative ,Tracy ,to educate us a little on their brand. All shoes are hand sewn. We were given a shoe sole, a needle and thread so we could attempt the task. Needle-ss to say not many could achieve what seemed like an easy task at the onset. Props to the Tsonga staff who do this on a daily basis.


It was lovely morning spent with great people, amazing treats and a stunning goodie bag from Rain Africa. (I will review the products soon).



How amazing is this cake modeled on the Savannah box (above)



Thank You to Rain Africa, Yusuf and Ryan for having me.
Official Rain Rainger (A phrase coined by fellow blogger Hazel of Beauty Shout Box)


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