Breton Stripes, Red Lips and Pearls…

Hello Lovelies

My resident photographer (my darling cousin) was available for a photo shoot so we have another look post (Yay!?)


My sister bought me this French Connection Breton T-shirt years ago (I’m pretty sure my dad funded the purchase though), I “found” it recently when I decided to do a little closet clean up.
Breton stripes are a closet staple. Every women should own at least one, be it navy / black stripes . When I think Breton I think Parisian Chic, that was actually my outfit inspiration for this post. A quilted bag and ballet flats are the quintessential items for this effortless yet chic look. To round it off I added red lips and pearls. My style is primarily classic so I tend to lean towards timeless items. These items can be used in numerous looks which helps with my new found wisdom of not shopping as much as I used to. So I have been working with what I have in my closet.

Note that my eyes are closed in all the pictures it’s my nonchalant Parisian look ( I lie these were the pictures that looked the best ūüėČ )




T-shirt- French Connection
Bag- Mango
Shoes- Tory Burch
Necklace- Woolworths

Au Revoir

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