Aloe Wonder…

Hello Lovelies

Last week I had a traumatic skin experience (no I am not exaggerating ). I have been waxing my face for years, yet I have never experienced burns or lacerations like I did on my last treatment.

I tried everything from a cortizone based skin calming cream to Vaseline, but I was still left with skin that looked like I had a very angry cat (and anyone who knows me knows I’m not the fondest of the furry creatures) that decided to attack me. Trying to cover it up with concealer and foundation didn’t help either because my skin was creased around the area preventing effective coverage. I was really conscious of it, and got asked constantly as to what happened. I then decided to put my pride aside and post a picture on Instagram and ask my friends and followers if they have any solutions. I got a lot of responses , but the majority suggested Aloe Vera gel. Since it seemed to help the others I hunted it down and found a tube at a local pharmacy, made by Vitality (I was told to get 100% pure aloe gel! and I couldn’t find it. This one has 90 % aloe with Vitamin E) . It is safe to say it was the best R41.80 I spent in my lifetime.


Everything else that I used stung on my skin making me want to cry, this was the only product that soothed the area. I used it in the evening and by the next morning a few pieces peeled off when I washed my face leaving a little red skin , I used it again for one more day by the end of the second day of use everything had peeled off. My skin did not burn or itch which amazed me. (Note that on the last picture the marks on my skin are a few red spots from the waxing and a few blemishes but the affected area disappeared)


I wouldn’t normally post anything I’m conscious of but I think this particular post can help many. I used a so called skin calming serum that retails at about R700 and it burned yet this product that’s a fraction of the price helped.

There a few other uses for Aloe Vera Gel (it’s like a miracle 😉 )


As with anything skin related I warn that you try a small area first to see your skins reaction, but I highly recommend it. I used this particular brand as it was the only one I could find but if you know of any others please comment below.


4 thoughts on “Aloe Wonder…

  1. suhaifa says:

    I also had really bad wax burns around my chin area. It was horrible. I used aloe gel and it worked wonders. It soothed the burning and within a few days it peeled off and left no marks. My skin has become really sensitive lately so I’m avoiding waxing for now, don’t want another burn incident.

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