Blogger Appreciation 1.0…

Hello Lovelies

I have been blogging for about two years now ,and over the years I have come across quite a few blogs. There have been some I resonate with. So I have decided to share with you some of my favourites on a monthly basis (sharing is caring after all).

Lets start with a blogger that inspired me to blog initially , Rowena Saloojee the author of Secrets and Stilettos . I have had a soft spot for fashion and beauty for a while but as I grew older the spot grew too, and I wanted to enter into the fashion industry at that time I didn’t look pass fashion design as being my only alternative (sadly I couldn’t see myself sewing) so when I came across Rowena’s blog I realised that there’s a way that I can express my inner fashionista , through blogging (I have since been aspiring towards my image consultancy ceterfication).

Rowena blogs everything from decadent desserts to haute couture. Her posts are real and innovative with gorgeous pictures. I have noticed her attention to detail when it comes to pictures, which is so important as the visuals on a blog attract one initially. Her beauty posts are very informative, and her style posts are effortless yet chic.

Rowena was kind enough to allow me to use pictures of her blog. Here are a few of her different looks that she pulls of so well…




If you don’t already follow this stylish lady see more of her fabulousness on her blog Secrets and Stilettos


2 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation 1.0…

  1. RashiedaUncut says:

    Great concept. I did a similar post last month on my blog however I do mine in an interview format so I get to meet with the blogger!

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