It’s a Mans world

Hi lovelies

This post is a little different there aren’t any heels , lipstick or prettiness involved. I was asked on more than one occasion to do menswear post, it isn’t my forté but I’m going to give it a go. (Ladies don’t worry there’s enough eye candy with the likes of David Beckham, Scott Disick and Chuck Bass, to keep you entertained)

The Blazer and Jeans Combo

This look can be worn both casually and formally. For a more formal take on it add a white shirt, and a skinny tie. A navy blazer , dark wash jeans and tan shoes make this look for me (oh and David can do no wrong)

Colour Blocking

This is a little twist on the three piece suit by wearing a different colour jacket and pants. It’s fun and young, but make sure the tones match.

The suit but no tie look

The ever stylish Scott Disick has impeccable taste in clothing and he carries this look of effortlessly. This is a great day look and very smart casual.

The “Because I’m Chuck Bass Look”

Are you into bold colours, suspenders and bow ties? Then you can go ahead and emulate one of my Favourite male television characters. Warning: your personality has to match this look , so if you are more classic than creative don’t attempt this.

Okay guys you have my two cents worth , now make it work


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