Valentine’s Winner

Hello Lovelies

As much as I wish I could give a present to you all I have to choose the winner.


For me Safeera’s answer encompassed everything. She touched on all the facets of love from your partner to your parents:

“Following your blog and loving it.Love for me is simple. It’s in the little things we see and do everyday. It’s in the familiarity of routine being surprised with flowers by a spouse. It’s in watching you child sleeping and feeling your heart swell and being so overwhelmed you feel like you might explode. It’s in your mum calling everyday and checking if you ok even though you nearly 30. It’s in your dad sending you random stuff because he knows you will always be his little girl. It’s in the blessings you are surrounded with every single day as you realise that the blessed life you lead is as a result of the fact that you are loved by the Almighty Allah. And the most beautiful thing about love is you can shower it on the people you love every single minute of everyday.”

Congratulations Safeera .


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Winner

  1. trisha says:

    Dear Shaheeda
    Hope my texts reaches you in good health. Please help me as I’m a little lost. I am a hindu gal looking to converting to the islamic faith. I know this is not a religious blog but I am confused. The people that I go by to learn daily about islam tell me that a muslim girl should dress modestly and not show herself off to the public. I love reading your blog. Don’t get me wrong but I’m just wondering if perhaps I’m learning about the religion from the wrong people. Could you perhaps tell me where you learnt islam from so I could approach them to teach me and others in my situation coz from what I read and see on your tasteful and amazing blog, it looks to me as if it is allowed. I love learning about the faith but don’t want to do it wrong or learn wrong. Please help me out here sister Shaheeda as I see you as an icon to young girls out there. …… On the flip side I hate jelly shoes as well. Yuck. Well done on your work in keeping us informed on the latest trend.
    Your soon sister to be in islam

    • shaheedam says:

      Dear, as you probably haven’t realised each time you comment on my blog I get a response saying that it’s from the above mentioned email which does not exist. The first time I had someone judging how Islamic I am was from the same email the second one saying that valentines day is haram and now the third from you (coincidence much).
      Firstly I was born into the Islamic faith Alhamdulilah so my first teachers of the religion were my parents. I acknowledge that I am not the perfect Muslim , but as you have clearly stated this isn’t a religious blog so you shouldn’t look at my blog for Islamic inspiration or the fact that how dress as Islamically allowed as I have made no mention of that. So if your name is Trisha and you’re looking to convert that’s wonderful news , but please consult an Islamic scholar as they will guide you.
      If you are the same person that has commented before all I have to say is Allah is the only judge. And I can’t stop you from being nasty but remember by judging me you doing yourself a disservice.


  2. amina says:

    Trisha your entire comment seems to be fake, and it comes across as you wanting to derail and demotivate a very special person. If you truly have an interest in Islam then you should continue studying were ever you are. If not, then please get a life. Shaheeda do not let people like this upset you, remember اللَّه knows and see’s all. Love x0x0

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