Yes they are trendy… But oh so Nasty !!!

Hey lovelies

I love doing trend posts, but this is a trend post of things that are in fashion that I loathe (yes I said loathe) .
Primarily focussing on shoes because trawling through magazines these are trends that have stuck out to me and left me questioning the sanity of the fashion gurus.

Jelly Shoes:
Yes the 90’s plastic wonders are back, and leaves me wondering why! Cute if you are below the age of 10 not so cute after. I vaguely remember it being the must have before my teen phase but I don’t recall owning them (Bless my parents they new my future self wouldn’t approve)


Even if you put the iconic double C on them

they still remain in the “just as bad as Crocs” category for me.

The marriage between a flat shoe and a platform created the hideousness of the Flatform!!! Every time I spot one I cringe. I find them too chunky, and I have seen people wearing them and as they walk I just think “clippity clop”. And as much as I will them away they’re are back again. I feel it makes even the most poised woman seem like she’s carrying her life’s burdens on her feet and adding to them with every step she takes (okay I’ll stop now guess you get the picture).


Birkenstocks :
Just look at them

Need I say more?!

And let’s end with some Scottish fashion inspo

Tartan is huge for winter 2014. I look at it at the first thing that pops into my mind are winter pyjamas that my mother, sister and I owned once upon a time and it was tartan on tartan! I think maybe the thoughts scarred me, it isn’t the ugliest trend but I’m not going to go all red check this winter!

Am I exaggerating is anyone loving any of the aforementioned trends? ( It’s okay I won’t judge you)


10 thoughts on “Yes they are trendy… But oh so Nasty !!!

  1. Shazia says:

    Haha I love this post!!!! Those Jelly Shoes, I’m so ashamed to say this but I did own a pair.. Those little blocks under sole where stones would often get stuck in!! Hideous but I loved em when I was kid, makes me wanna barf when I look at it now and it’s everywhere!!! Make it stop! Lol .. Not too concerned with the plaid though, if worn right, stick to one piece, and please oh please not head to toe lol

  2. Lauren Vogel says:

    Omw you are right on the money with all the shoes. I can imagine wearing them ever I don’t care how many designers are on board. Some trends should just be left in the past. I am, however not sure how I feel about the tartan. I have seen some people rock, but ill probably never invest in the trend. Great post!

  3. safiyya says:

    Love this post.. the only plastic shoes Im wearing is Hunter and Ted Baker pumps-kind .. these looks like see through school shoes.. as for birkenstocks, those are home shoes, for comfort. Its like wearing a sameera to the supermarket or threading lady. Flatforms were made out of boredom or shoe designs block – I have no words for thay ugly design.

  4. ZaaKira says:

    Hahahahaha this is so hilarious!

    I really love the tartan trend though… its very reminiscent of Jenny Humphrey… but i draw the line at tartan leggings! What is up with those?!

  5. S says:

    Love this topic…Hate jelly shoes, never owned a pair neither do my children. I have my Mom to thank for that as she believed plastic shoes were not good for children. Flatforms? What were they thinking? Maybe a lack of inspiration caused that disaster. These are by far the most hideous contraptions to be brought back into “fashion”. There’s a reason why its called the 90’s or 60’s or 50’s. Trial and error ppl. That’s why we in the present choose to adorn with items of Style, Combination, Class and Fashion sense, Not the previous disasters that were classed as “Fashionable.” Keep up the spectacular work. Enjoy reading your blog. :):):)

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