Style and Affordability with Blackcherry !

Hello Lovelies

Many who know or read my blog know my affinity towards handbags (and shoes of course). Coming into contact with various South African Bloggers over the last few months, I was introduced to the brand Blackcherry.

The Blackcherry Brand was launched in Cape Town in 2006. They specialise in handbags that are just as affordable as they are beautiful. The construction of their bags are on par with international trends, yet they also have their own unique appeal. The biggest plus point is that they range from R250-R500.

Their current range which is sold on Style 36 (an online fashion website) is made up of neutral pieces which are timeless as well as brighter, bolder pieces.
Here are some of my favourites ( have a look on style36to see the entire range)


I love the neon laser cut clutch (Sadly I’m taking a break from my shopaholic tendencies)

A Blackcherry bag is high on my list of lust haves…


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