That time I crossed something off my bucket list….

Hello Lovelies

As many of you know I went to the States on vacation, so this post is a little insight into my trip. Although this wasn’t my first trip there (my sister lives in Los Angeles) , it was still as exciting as my first time. This time around though, I only visited two cities Los Angeles and New York.

We were welcomed with sunny skies and gorgeous weather in Los Angeles, which lasted throughout the time I was there. And being Winter there ,I was rather glad because I’m not the biggest fan of the cold. Having done most of the touristy things the first time I was in L.A , we decided to skip the usual stuff and do stuff we haven’t done before.

Some of my L.A highlights include :

– The drive to the Hollywood sign, was through winding roads but the view from above was gorgeous. The houses leading up to it were quaint , unfortunately my pictures of them weren’t very clear.


– Rodeo drive with it’s gleaming Windows of designer boutiques always made my heart flutter. Everything seemed a little more glam there than anywhere else. This time I went there a little more often than necessary but every time there was a different thing that caught my eye.



-Seeing something new and innovative – The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM was just the cutest.


– Fine dessert dining at celeb hot spot Bottega Louie. Confectionary that tastes as delicious as it looks. The atmosphere is all about dimmed lighting and candles . But with trendy music.




– The Neiman Marcus shoe department. This Cinderella was in her little shoe heaven for a while. Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Manolo… Just to name a few. But of course the red soles were my ultimate dream pair. Prince Charming where are you , the black crystal slipper fits 😉


– On my last night in L.A while out with my sister and friends from S.A I celeb spotted Sasha Pieterse ( Alison from Pretty Little Liars) who unlike her devious character was very sweet , and no I didn’t ask her who ‘A’ is…


And then it was off to New York City. Weather reports were bleak, leading up to our trip , with temperatures below 0 degrees. A teeny part of me was worried about the cold, but the excitement of visiting one of my dream destinations made up for everything.
And all I can say that it’s definitely the “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are made Of “. I was in awe I loved every part of it. The cold was the least of my worries , as I walked around the city , that is as beautiful as all the pictures and movies that you see.
I walked through rain the one day, dodging puddles but it was my most memorable day there. I felt like I truly experienced the city in all it’s glory. It’s scratched off my Bucket List, but I would go back to New York at a drop of a hat. It’s actually a city I’d like to live in some day.

Nestled in between sky scrapers Central Park with its duck pond, ice rink, runners and cyclists was just stunning.




Times Square- makes this a city that doesn’t sleep. Bright lights and larger than life stores make it one of New Yorks main attractions. My next trip there will definitely coincide with New Year’s Eve, as I can only imagine how much more exciting it gets.



When in New York , since everything is so special you even get to purchase personalised M n m’s ( i chose to use my name to personalise them )


Those ‘Chuck Bass where are you ?’moments ..

… especially when you are in his neigbourhood..


Being the summer baby that I am I was actually loving my coats and even rocked a beanie just so I did not get a head cold though 😉




My current favourite place from up above- The Empire State Building..


And I had to go to New Jersey , of course…


Wow this has been quite a visual post, but a picture says a thousand words, so there’s more…
my most memorable moments were spending time with my niece that I saw after a year, and it was one of the main things that made my trip all the more special.



So after all the jet lag is pretty worth it… I’d suggest a holiday to the States to anyone. There’s something for everyone to fall in love with.

Xx S


7 thoughts on “That time I crossed something off my bucket list….

  1. Sibahle says:

    Wow that looks like it was a fun and amazing trip. I didn’t know that you get to purchase personalised M n m’s and I loooooove that black crystal slipper.

  2. Rushda says:

    Loved this post! I’m a bit delayed catching up but checking out your NY trip post has been on my to do list hehe.
    I’m sure you would love London too, it sounds very similar to NY. I generally do London for their amazing year end sales (despite the cold) and always love their NYE celebrations. Unless the NY year end sales are good?
    Maybe another place for your bucket list?

    Sounds like it was really amazing!

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