UGG- Yay or UGG-Ly?

Hello Lovelies

On my last trip to the states I contemplated purchasing a pair of the Infamous UGG boots. But being way two minded about it I decided not to.
Last winter in South Africa I saw an outburst of UGG inspired boots from Mr Price to Woolworth’s , but I couldn’t find one that fitted me properly.

I’m going to New York in a few days and the weather there is below 0 degrees Celsius at the moment, perfect Weather for fur lined boots right? UGG’s are more comfort than style , but I find them super cute. So I decided to purchase a pair this time around. They are without a doubt the most comfiest shoes I own. Colours vary from neutral tones to brighter colours with glitter ,sequins and bows. I got the classic UGG’s in chestnut (Tan) and I ended up buying a kids size as I felt it fitted me better.


Fashionista’s have a soft spot for them too…







Major shoe designer Jimmy Choo collaborated with UGG to create the new favourite Jimmy Choo UGG which retails for about $800



What’s your verdict would you , or is it too UGG-Ly for you?


2 thoughts on “UGG- Yay or UGG-Ly?

  1. Shazia says:

    I ❤️ uggs.. Have you seen the knitted ones, I think they’re super cute n not as bulky as the regular ones, they aren’t lined with fur but still really warm

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