Beauty Saviours…

Hello Lovelies

I’m currently on holiday, and there are a few beauty products that I find myself relying on. I call them my beauty saviours.


Clinique Chubby Stick
The Chubby stick has been around for years, but I haven’t purchased any up until a few months ago. These lip balms are available in an array of colours and now the Chubby Stick Intense colours have launched. The intense colours are more potent and last longer on your lips. Essentially the more you layer the more noticeable the colour is. Recently I have been experimenting with colours, and I wanted something bright so I bought the Oversized Orange colour first. The colour isn’t over bearing and I can either use it for a slight shimmer or layer more for a brighter colour. The second colour I bought was the intense Curviest Caramel, this is just as good as a nude lipstick and it’s great for those natural look days. I actually use it as a base for my darker colours and it works beautifully. The reason why they are great as on the the go products, they have a dual purpose of colour and moisturising in one step. And the pen like shape makes it easy to apply if you don’t have a mirror at hand.

Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
I purchased this product on a whim, since I must admit I get carried away with eye brightening products. This eye Brightener is not a concealer , so if you have under eye dark circles, it does not diminish them completely but when applied under the eye without any accompanying products there’s still a difference. The shimmer liquid brightens the skin around your eyes. It can be used over or under concealer as well .I use it over my concealer, on the inner corners of my eyes and I feel it makes me look a lot more refreshed. I will do a more detailed post on this product soon.

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Serum
Lately my skin has been my worst enemy , and acting up on me in the worst of circumstances. So I decided to try a new range of Dermalogica products. The Ultra Calming range which is specified for sensitive skin. My favourite product is the Ultra Calming Serum , it cools and hydrates my skin and I feel my skin looks healthier when I use it under moisturiser. Also it prevents flare ups of more blemishes , when applied on ones that you have. Sadly I have had a break out now while on holiday and it’s helped to sooth my skin.

Nivea Creme
I like trying out different body creams , my latest favourite is the Nivea In Shower body moisturiser. When purchasing it I came across the mini Nivea Creme which is the perfect handbag size for travelling. The consistency of the cream is very thick something I don’t usually like, but being in a different climate has made my skin drier , especially my hands. This cream eliminates the dry flaky skin instantly. And all you need is a teeny bit of product. Being on a plane for hours can cause your skin to dry, and I used this on my neck and under my nose to eliminate dryness and I was surprised at the immediate results .This is definitely going to be a handbag favourite.

What are your current beauty favourites ?


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