Shop Smart


When seeing the above words sprawled across shop windows, we can all go a little crazy. As much as I can’t resist a good bargain, I’m selective about what I purchase.

The trickiest Sales are end of season sales. And the most attractive items are the items you lusted after but couldn’t afford during the season.
How to tackle end of season sales:
– If something is trendy, put it back on the rack, as you are most likely not going to wear it.
– Look for classic items that are not going to date.
– Buy items in neutral shades especially during the end of winter sales, as these will take you through to next winter.
– Spend wisely , it doesn’t mean if something was R600 and it’s now R300 that it is a bargain, as you might get something else for that price during the current season.

Mid-season sales are actually my favourite you don’t really save that much, but you are able to purchase items that a currently on trend at a cheaper price. The mid-season sale is actually the most enticing, as you tend to buy more because you think you are saving. So create a budget for yourself and stick to it.

Retail outlets aren’t very common in South Africa , but there are few. Meltz is one of the most well known ones. These stores sell designer brands at discounted rates. They are usually from another countries passed season but it’s our current season. Retail outlets are amazing and but you have to be very alert when shopping. Some items could have factory rejects and most retail outlets indicate this, sometimes they don’t. Rejects can be anything from a missing button and
uneven stitching to holes and tears. So make sure that you check your garment properly.

So when you are faced with the S word in the future, shop wisely…

Xx S
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