Classic Chic

Hello Lovelies

A Coco Chanel quote is my inspiration for this post :


My first task during my image consultancy course was an interview to determine someone’s style personality. It was deduced from there that my dominant personality is classic and my secondary one being creative.

I’m no stranger to trying out new trends, that’s where my creative side comes about, but my wardrobe consists of mostly classic items. The great thing is that these items are timeless, and wardrobe staples throughout seasons. Classic and simple items don’t have to be boring, they can be jazzed up with different accessories and shoes.

My list of must have classic items:

– The classic white shirt is no longer only a 9-5 staple, paired with denim and great accessories makes its chic yet casual :


– Black pants . Whatever style you fancy this is one item of clothing that’s a must have especially or a working woman. I love high waisted black trousers.


– A Blazer in Black /Navy. Invest more in these neutral colours because in summer they are thin enough to wear over tanks and T-shirts and in winter they can be layered over warmer knits.


– A classic double breasted trench coat in tan or even black. This is timeless so also buy a good quality one. Also invest in a wool or Melton jacket for those extreme weather days.


– A Breton T-shirt with black /navy stripes. This is something I particularly love I have to actually stop myself from purchasing more. Great when paired with dark denim and red accessories for a nautical look during summer.


– A classic court shoe in either pointed/ round toe. The go to colours are nude and black, both can be used with work wear or casual wear.


– A classic LBD – be it in any fabric or cut that you fancy, get one ! The neutral colour means it can be your go to on occasions where you (think) that you don’t have anything to wear. Just pair with different accessories.


Other key items:
– Black and White T-shirts and tank tops.
– Dark denim jeans.
– A black and tan handbag.
– Black and tan ballet flats.
– diamond/cubic stud earrings.
– Red lipstick.

Start building your classic closet, with these items and trust me, you will always find a place or occasion to wear them to.


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