Chain Store Glam….

Hello Lovelies

Last night I attended a function (a post wedding reception) and I dressed up a little out of the ordinary. In my culture wedding functions are celebrated with couture-esque ensembles. It is all about the sparkle and glamour. I decided to put together a look, with items from my favourite chain stores.
Pro: highly unlikely that anyone would be dressed in a similar fashion.
Con: I could have been insanely under dressed. (lucky for me this wasn’t an issue).

One of my favourite prints, is Damasc, I find it über classy. Hence the fact I chose to buy a dress with the Damasc print down the front. This print is not the easiest to wear since it can be a little dowdy if not styled properly. The Monochromatic palette meant that I could have some fun with accessories. I chose to pair it with bright pink shoes that matched my new favourite lipstick shade (MAC -Girl about town). I let my shoes do the talking so I chose to carry a black clutch instead of a bright one. My favourite piece from the entire outfit, is the neck piece , since I have new found love for Perspex and you all now how much I love a little gold.

Dress- Studio W at Woolworths
Shoes- Mr Price
Clutch- Mango
Necklace- Woolworths






Style is about fun and experimenting with different trends. It’s all about how you interpret it,and it’s always good to add your personal touches to an ensemble making it unique to you.


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