Stylish Hijabi

Hello Lovelies

This post comes after a request from one of my readers. She’s a young Hijabi and she wanted to know of ways to dress stylishly yet modestly. There are so many young girls in hijab , yet they get judged by the clothing they wear accompanying the head scarf. It is pretty inspiring that girls as young as 16 have made the change and lots of them have immense style. The number one go to is the maxi skirt/ dress look yet my reader said she’s got that look perfected. She wanted different ideas.

When I think stylish Hijabi two names pop into my head Ascia Akf and Dina Tokio , fashion bloggers and media darlings. They are admired by many not only Muslim girls .I drew inspiration from them for the different looks I put together.

This is one of my favourite outfits of Dina’s:


Her coat isn’t readily available unless you get one designed. So to improvise wear a longer length blazer. The look can be taken from day to night just by adjusting accessories. Because of the neutral palette one can have fun with their hijab prints and colours. Because of the tight pants, look for longer length tunics and shirts. One of my favourites are high low shirts which to my immense joy are still in fashion. The loose top balances off the bottom :


Ascia is a street style darling. She mixes high end items with chain store basics so effortlessly . She loves peplum tops , and because they have that extra length it’s great for a Hijabi.


Instead of going the skinny jeans root, why not choose boyfriend jeans for a laid back weekend look. Just remember make sure that they are tapered so they don’t make you look frumpy . Especially when you wear it with flats.Accessories make this look unique. Whatever your style , you can make this look work for you.


Fashion joggers/ harem pants /high waisted tapered pants- Are all loose fitting, so you are aren’t compromising on showing the entire shape of your body. Both Ascia and Dina love these, and they have their own ways of styling them.



Joggers and printed pants are huge for this season so they are easy to find. My favourite store for both these styles is Cotton On. They have a variety of styles and prints. If you plan on tucking in your shirt /top then cover up with a blazer. I prefer joggers with heels because they look so much more chic, but many women wear flats and they look great. If you are wearing printed pants, remember to keep your other items neutral or choose one colour from the pants and build around that. If you are the daring and creative type you can mix prints especially with your hijab and pants.With the joggers you can go sporty luxe, with T-shirts and sweatshirts or a little more glam with shirts. I love the denim shirt and jogger combo for this season. With this look it’s all about creativity and your own style.



Also layering is key ,stock up on basics in different colours and longer lengths so you can layer them under shorter tops or sleeveless tops. And stock up on different scarves in different textures and colours. That’s what essentially makes up your outfit.

Hope you got some ideas and inspo from this..


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