Beauty Review: Nivea in Shower Moisturiser

Hello Lovelies

I fall in and out (when I find better options) of love with beauty products . Right now I’m head over heels for Nivea’s In Shower Body Moisturiser. I usually do reviews on products after I have tried them out for about two weeks, but I have been using this product a little less than a week and I’m impressed. I got a sample in the latest Glamour Magazine (South Africa) and that peaked my interest, but when I went looking for the product it was always out of stock. Finally got it last weekend.

The product comes in two variants: Dry Skin and Normal Skin.

I bought the one for dry skin, because be it summer or winter my skin is prone to dryness.

One may get confused and think that it is moisturising body wash, especially since it is kept with the body washes. But it is not it is an actual moisturiser.
The bottle comes with step by step instructions:


The texture of it is a little thinner than a body cream, sort of like how some shampoos feel. The bonus of this product is that I skip the moisturising step after I shower , because I’m always in a hurry and I end up taking longer in the shower anyway. I find it to be particular great for summer. I feel that normal moisturisers make my body feel sticky , and I tend to use sunblock on my arms so layering to many things cause the stickiness. With the in shower moisturiser the nutrients are absorbed instantly, and the oily residue is washed off.

This product is tested and is gentle on the skin, my skin has been acting up lately, so I was surprised that I didn’t have a reaction to it (Thankfully).The only con is that it can make the bath/shower extremely slippery so you must be cautious when stepping out, and always rinse your shower/ bath after using the product.

The Nivea In Shower Moisturiser comes in a 250ml and 400ml bottles . I bought the 400ml ( R40 at Dischem) and the 250ml retailed at R30.

I think this product and I are going to have a long relationship…


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