Celebrity Brand Ambassadors.

Hello Lovelies.

As a teenager I was obsessed with Gossip magazines , not a week would go buy when I wouldn’t purchase a People /Heat magazine. Delving into celebs lives , fashion choices and breakdowns. I was also quite an E-Entertainment fan. Years have passed and I got over the phase. But my Celeb fashion obsession hasn’t ended.
Now my celeb fashion fix comes from fashion magazines and I watch E-Entertainment only for Fashion Police because Joan Rivers and her Joan Rangers make me giggle like a school girl (Not the Kardashian’s) .

Celebrities have major influence when it comes to fashion and beauty , and it’s very rare that a popular brand isn’t associated with a well known actor, actress or model. You are more likely to be enticed by a product if it’s endorsed by somebody famous , as it gives it that glamorous appeal. I love celebrity fashion and beauty campaigns, due to my marketing background I’m an advert junkie. I dream of styling a major fashion campaign some day.

Be it high end brands, high street brands or beauty products a celeb you are familiar with endorses it:

One of the most famous power couples of our time, David and Victoria Beckham featured in this sexy Emporio Armani underwear advert (I’m sure the underwear went flying of the shelves)


Fashionista of note Blake Lively did a Chanel Campaign (Karl Lagerfeld adores her ) I think she has such incredible style. She goes down as one of my favourite fashion icons.


All American brand Guess is synonymous for their celebrity fuelled adverts. Famous models, and celebrities alike have become associated with the brand and given the title of Guess Girls:
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer appears in one of the older ones:


Not so popular anymore but Miss Hilton made the cut to:


Most recent Guess Girl is actually the first ever Indian woman to be a Guess Girl, Bollywood actress and model Priyanka Chopra :


High street brand Mango have amped their campaigns by using well known supermodels like Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr:



A beauty brand that stands out for their celeb collaborations is Revlon:
Cindy Crawford (and that famous mole) was one of the most recognisable faces of the 90’s and a Revlon Girl :


Actresses have also jumped onto the Revlon band wagon . Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Emma Stone to name a few:





My favourite type of adverts are perfume ads (102% of the time because of eye candy like James Franco and Robert Pattinson )



I’m not necessarily inclined to buy something because it is endorsed by a celebrity but they make things that much more lust worthy… Do celebrities influence your buying patterns?


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