My Side of the Story…

Hello again SBS readers…

My last post on replicas caused a little frenzy. I was called “materialistic” , “superficial”, “proud” and UNISLAMIC (Something that’s not allowed in my religion -Islam). The latter made me the most angry. The UNISLAMIC bit came about from my Liebster post where I mentioned my ideal holiday destination would be New York. I was told I made no mention of visiting my religions holy lands, and I’m following a western culture. I handled it as gracefully as I could. And I brushed it off by not retaliating further.

Today I received judgemental tweets in the middle of a hot and busy work day. And my mind went on overdrive. I was told my post on replicas made me superficial and proud. That I shouldn’t show my wealth. Clearing up any misconceptions I’m not some spoilt brat who is handed things on a silver platter. I have a job, and I work hard for what I have. I like nice things (does that make me proud). On my blog I share my likes and dislikes and things I buy etc. I did a post before where one of my designer bags was featured , nobody had anything to say, but as soon as I air my views on a related topic there’s drama.

I might be against buying replicas (and there are people who agree with my reasoning) , but I’m not forcing my views on you. It’s my thoughts and my feelings. I had many people who commented , but they commented with sound judgement. I did not insist that my opinion is superior.

This person also had this misconceived notion that I want everyone to know my apparel is genuine that’s why I wouldn’t want replicas. So what about the people that pass off replicas as real? Does this not make them materialistic and everything else I was called. As they want everyone to know their arm candy or fancy feet are worth thousands. I don’t think I am better than anybody else. I don’t like replicas because I think spending money on something that’s not of the best quality (sometimes) when you can get something nicer out there for the same amount. It is just the way my mind works, logically it makes sense to me.

Here’s something that should spark your interest . My sister purchased replica bags as she liked certain brands but wasn’t willing to spend a lot . Does that make me think I’m better than my sister? Hell NO my sister knows my views and she respects my reasoning .She wouldn’t buy me them as gifts (some of my most loved designer items were purchased by her as she lives overseas)

For those who picked on my character and religious standing,here’s some food for thought…



A special thanks to loyal SBS readers who still support me in my endeavour to conquer the fashion industry.


8 thoughts on “My Side of the Story…

  1. Faiza says:

    Knowing you from school days, you really don’t need to worry about a person who hides behind anonymous to judge you on your religion. You an amazing person with a great blog. Tou really have something worthwhile to say. You gonna have lots of haters on the way but don’t stop your journey for those of us who enjoy it.

    Much love

  2. Fathi Tar says:

    Dear Sis

    I completely understand your views and you are entitled to them. And off course, because you don’t do replicas doesn’t mean you think you better than me.

    I wanted a Burberry diaper bag for ages, but I’d rather spend the $1000 on Zahras designer wardrobe than on the real bag, hence I own the replica. The replica though, was stupid expensive lol so I get what you saying.

    But still, no need to defend your opinions. Miss Anon is probably someone that we know who just wants to be mean… Forget this and keep up the blog.

    I look forward to our shopping escapades when you come to Los Angeles 🙂



  3. rkp says:

    I may not agree completely with your post on replica’s but how’s this for unIslamic? You pay someone for a cheap copy which is just copied off someone else’s hard work, same as copying music or movies or books – you’re stealing from the person who went to the effort of designing/creating that item and has copyrighted their work. You don’t feel that the effort they put into creating that item is worth the cost – then just go without – it’s not a necessity, it’s a luxury so move on but don’t call people names and question their faith- that’s something only the Almighty can judge….

  4. Mona says:

    Argh people are so judgmental it’s annoying! Know tons of people who closed their blogs down coz of the criticism. Your love for NY doesn’t make your love for the holy lands any less! People are so black and white and narrow minded. I hope it’s something that changes amongst us SA Muslims over time! I do agree wth buying original… You appreciate it much more over cheap Replicas. I personally cant afford them all right now lol but hell yeah if I could I would! Call me superficial and materialistic! Awesome blog… Let haters hate!

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