Rain Africa – Aloe & Avocado Review

Hello Lovelies…

A few weeks ago the lovely ladies at Rain Africa sent me two products to review. After hearing a lot about the Rain Africa Brand I was quite excited to try them out.
The Rain Africa Slogan (“Created For Living”) generates this comfortable , relaxed ambience which most of their products aim to achieve. I received an email from Rain Africa regarding their company profile, and the one thing that stood out for me is that they generate jobs for disadvantaged people as well as disabled people. Helping others while building a unique brand will always win with consumers. Ingredients are all natural and sourced from Africa. And products are hand made.

I was sent the Aloe and Avocado hand scrub and hand lotion.



I have always taken care of my hands and feet as they say your hands could also give away your age. Years ago I read an interview with ex 7 de Laan actor Nico Panagio where he mentioned that apart from a beautiful face, well kept hands and feet are two of the things he finds attractive in a woman. So ladies remember that.

The hand scrub was gentle yet effective, and because the skin on our hands is generally thinner than the rest of our body this works well. The scrub helps diminish dry skin, and is very nourishing. My hands were soft after I rinsed them, that I didn’t have to use cream after.
When I choose a hand cream in particular I don’t like it to be greasy as I apply sunscreen over it when I drive. The Aloe and Avocado cream easily absorbed into my skin without leaving any residue. This made it a winner for me. I have been using it twice a day and my hands are silky soft.
To be honest when I saw the label before opening the bottle , the first thought that went through my head was “How would the aloe scent and avocado scent mix together?”. To my surprise they go together quite well. The scent was refreshing, and subtlety lingers after you use it.
Read more about the Aloe and Avocado range HERE

Rain Africa offers an array of different products from facial to bath and body products. Locate one of their stores HERE . The most recent store opened at Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga (KZN) and I can not wait to pay them a visit. The Rain Africa brand is also global with stores in Amsterdam and New York.

Visit their website rainafrica.com to shop online or to get more product information.

These products come highly recommended by me.


4 thoughts on “Rain Africa – Aloe & Avocado Review

  1. Nasreen says:

    I visited the store at Gateway. It’s absolutely amazing. Everything smells so gorgeous and the decor is so relaxing. A unique experience indeed!

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