Sweatshirt Saturdays…

Hello lovelies…

I love doing outfit posts, but just can’t get proper photographs , think its time I invest in a full length mirror , so I can do the whole mirror selfie thing 🙂 .

Well as per usual it’s cold and rainy in my part of the world. Such a damper on my spirits. So it means layering. Today’s outfit consists of items I have worn constantly but it looked different because of the way I styled it (my dad who knows my shopaholic ways, asked me if I bought new clothes) I have learnt how to mix and match items in my closet, through my image consultancy course. Apart from being something I am passionate about I don’t buy impulsive pieces anymore. I tend to buy pieces I know I can style differently , and get upto 3-4 looks out of one piece.

My sweater is one of my favourite items , that I purchased during winter from Mango , and looking through instagram they have come out with new ones for winter 2014, which I can not wait to get my hands on. I layered the sweater over my denim shirt from forever new. I purchased the chain from Woolworths and I love it. Its reminiscent of the chain that Caroline from two broke girls wears with everything! I love the chunky gold and pearls.
Jeans- Zara
Shoes- Aldo
Handbag- Michael Kors






Enjoy your weekend ( I’m planning to snuggle up with Cinnabon bits , popcorn , tea and catching up on the latest series)…

Xx S

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