My life in picture Quotes…

Hello Lovelies

With the rise of BBM DP (display picture) and now Whatsapp, picture quotes have become increasingly popular. Sometimes funny, sometimes profound and sometimes sad. These pictures are used to display the persons emotions.

I personally love them, so here’s an insight into my life via picture quotes:

When I get to gym every morning I’m super amped and I push myself which sometimes results in this:


I believe in Style trumping trends, and always try to mix up trends to make them my own:


Blogging started as an outlet for me just to pursue something I love. This word describes what my blog is to me:


I always try to be the best possible person I can be ,and I try to make the people around me happy:


That said I am not perfect and not everyone is going to love me. I know and accept my flaws:


There are days where I have to give myself a pep talk and remind myself not to give up:


And when the pep talks don’t work ,I’m still a survivor:


I work hard for what I have, and my love of nice things will never be dependent on a man:


That said .I’m single because šŸ˜‰ :


There are people that will judge me and make comments about me, to them this is what I have to say :


Be fab and have a fab weekend lovelies…


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