Modesty has no Religion…

Hello again lovelies

I have sudden bursts of inspiration and I just want to write. I have been planning this post in my head the entire day…

As a Muslim woman, I know the teachings of our religion is that we have to be fully covered when going out in public. Our garments have to be loose fitting and our heads have to be covered with the headscarf. Modesty is an essential teaching of our religion.


In our current generation exposed skin is trendy. Think about the backless and cleavage bearing gowns that are pranced on red carpets and given A grade reviews. There are a few women who are willing to defy this trend, and they are usually called prudes. On the other hand they can become fashion icons:

Singer Taylor Swift was never one to bear a lot if skin, and loves channelling the 50’s housewife trend. With her tea length dresses and skirts. She’s been branded as boring a lot of the time.


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is always modestly dressed due to being part of the royal family. Just like her late mother in law Princess Diana, she is viewed as an elegant woman. Her fashion sense is loved by many.


Middle eastern style bloggers, Ascia Akf and Dina Tokio have taken the blogosphere and social websites by storm. Yet they are always dressed in layers or wearing loose garments. This would have been frowned upon once upon a time, but they are both style icons in their own right. Both having tons of Instagram followers who track every stylish move they make. Ascia has also been one of the forerunners in the turban trend that has currently taken the fashion world by storm. And yes both are Muslim women who are following their religious teachings by covering their heads.

Ascia Akf:



Dina Tokio:


One modest item of clothing that sticks out to me is the maxi skirt, loved by fashionistas all around, yet not a lot of skin is exposed. Covering up does not necessarily mean being a prude.



A Clothing brand that I came across on facebook called Emaan Modest Couture, designs fashionable modest clothing for the everyday woman. They are based in Cape Town find them on Facebook here

Many people confuse modesty with religion, what they don’t understand is that modesty is not religion based ,it is a preference.

Modesty has no religion…Different cultures have a different understanding of modesty. Modesty can mean being fully covered from head to toe, or choosing to wear a high necked top so your cleavage isn’t exposed.


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