Carboxytherapy… Goodbye dark circles,cellulite and stretch marks?

Hello Lovelies

Due to suffering from a major headache yesterday I spent the entire day in bed, and occasional glances at the mirror showed how stark my eyes looked. The rest of my face was pale but my panda eyes stood out. I suffer with sinusitis this is probably the main cause of my dark circles. Other factors could be hereditary (my mom and sister have the bad luck rings too) or lack of sleep. Whatever the cause, I abhor them. If anyone asks the question ” If you could change one thing on your body,what would it be?” my immediate answer are my dark circles.

I remembered reading an advert in a magazine about a Doctor who specialises in treating weight loss (with non surgical liposuction) , stretch marks and dark circles. So yesterday I did some research, and went onto the website of Dr Kats. My main focus was dark circle therapy. Dr Kats uses Carboxytherapy / Carbon Dioxide therapy to reduce the appearance of under eye circles. That prompted me to read up on this magical Carboxytherapy.

What is Carboxytherapy ?
Carbon dioxide is injected into the skin of the affected area, by using tiny needles,to improve blood circulation and the skins texture.

What is it Carboxytherapy used to treat?
Carboxytherapy can be used to treat under eye dark circles,wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks (Are you ladies doing cartwheels yet?)

How long is the treatment?
This depends on the treatment area, the under eye area for example, could take as little as 5 minutes.

How often does one have to go for treatments?
Depending on how bad your skin condition is , you would go for a series of treatments ranging fom 2-6 treatments.

Is it permanent?
Unfortunately not, the effects last from 6-18 months , and thereafter one would have to go for touch ups.

Side effects and recovery period?
On the eye area there could be a chance of swelling and minimal bruising, but this settles quickly. On larger areas like thighs ,buttocks and stomach there could be more severe marks.
The treatment is virtually painless, or so I read.

Cost factor?
Carboxytherapy does not come cheap it starts from R850 a session.

This is not a surgical procedure and not like Botox either. The blood vessels are injected and this improves blood circulation. Especially under the eyes, as the darkness stems from poor blood circulation.



Before and after :



Interested in Carboxytherapy?
If you are in Durban read up on Dr Kats here

In Johannesburg and Cape Town there’s the Skin Renewal clinic ,read more here

Would I do it? If I could afford it right now I would definitely… But for now the concealer would just have to do!

Xx S

2 thoughts on “Carboxytherapy… Goodbye dark circles,cellulite and stretch marks?

  1. souma says:

    i was planning to have carboxytherapie for my dark circles cuz they really make my life difficult where i’m obliged to have a full make just to cover them but after i saw this video i become afraid of the operation

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