My First taste of branded apparel…

Hey lovelies , it’s been a while…

This post is about something that popped into my mind this morning while I was getting ready for work. Looking at all my make up, accessories, clothing and shoes, I realised that 90% of what I own are well known branded items. I’m no brand obsessed freak, and I don’t have to be a designer babe everyday of my life. I love pairing cheaper chain store items with my high end items, it just makes it that much more interesting.

Most of us are introduced to brands by friends and peers. I’m sure there was sometime in your life you told your parents : “But …… has it , why can’t I have it?”, I know I have as embarrassing as it is to admit. Surprisingly my dad is the more fashion forward one from my parents, being the only son who demanded he needs to be one of the cooler kids. My mom on the other hand wasn’t very fashion orientated. So when I had those demanding moments, more often than not he was the one that gave in to me (and on occasion still spoils me).

Thinking back on some of my must have items I wanted as a teenager , these pop into my mind:

Designer Jeans:

My first ever pair of designer denims were Levi’s 501 straight leg jeans. I remember they were light denim. I must have worn it every weekend, making sure the iconic red tag was exposed (oh you know what I mean!). The 501 has been reinvented, and now you can wear them as boyfriend jeans. I will stick to skinny legs thank you.


Branded Footwear:

As a teenager Skechers sneakers were all the rage amongst my peers. And me being the tomboy T-shirt , jeans and sneaker wearing person I was, I wanted Skechers in all different colours. I shudder at the thought now. My trainers are now reserved for the gym only. Skechers is still a huge brand with celebs endorsing the brand. On a trip to America I was thrown by how many Skechers stores there were.


Not even the fashionista Kim Kardashian will make them appealing to me now


Branded T-shirts:

Before getting into the whole Guess across my chest phase, I was Roxy clothing obsessed. From t-shirts ,hoodies to Capri pants I wanted everything from the Surf brand. Roxy is just that for me now, a surf brand reserved for those very rare beach days.


And then came the Guess across the chest phase. The Guess logo T-shirts became a must have and the more bling the better. I haven’t purchased a guess T-shirt in about 3 years, and the ones I have I wear on lazy days.


Designer Bags:

My first designer bag was a Guess handbag, the must have one with the monogram G’s all over the bag. I haven’t purchased one in about three years as after a trip to America where I purchased one of the latest Marciano ones ,I came to South Africa to find someone selling a replica on Facebook for quarter of the price. The one thing that put me off was the increase in replicas.


Those items were my introduction to designer Brands.
My tastes have since evolved ,my sneakers became heels (Thankfully) and my Guess was upgraded to Michael Kors (Due to having a job and a generous father)…

This was just a little insight into Shaheeda…

Xx S

8 thoughts on “My First taste of branded apparel…

  1. faiZa essa says:

    Lol! Shaheeeda! Omg it sounds like you were talking about me in mmsg days! Sigh I’m glad we have evolved! Loving ur posts! Keep up the amazing work you doing! (You can quit your day job now;)

  2. High Heels & Fairytales says:

    Haha… My first Guess bag was the fabric monogram one too, and my first pair of Levi’s a 501. 🙂
    I’m so over that now, I’d much rather buy a pair of jeans that has a great fit from Mr Price or Woolies, and which costs a fifth of the price anyway. 😉

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