High Heels & Sweatpants

Hello lovelies…

A trend that has become popular over the last few months is the Sporty Luxe trend. It’s quite popular this season. I’m obsessed with this trend of mixing glam with your more sportier items, but I prefer the pants to be tapered so it looks a lot more chic. I must admit though it took me a while to find sweatpants inspired pants that fit me well, but sadly they started ripping at the seams after one wash due to poor quality,so I’m still hunting! My ideal ones are the black pants with a white stripe down the side, regret not buying a pair I saw at Cotton On earlier this year.


You can have fun styling this look.
– Pair a letterman/baseball jacket and pointy heels. Or find sweatpants inspired pants in different fabrics and textures like satin, to add that glam touch.


– Add leather and studs for a more edgier look.


– Bright accents are great for this season



– Throw a blazer / cardigan over sporty slogan t’s to mix preppy with sporty.


– Pair with loose t-shirts , jumpers or crop tops for a laid back look. You can also wear wedge heeled sneakers, something I love on everyone else but myself. I guess because it isn’t part of my style personality.


– If you are a daring creative fashionista wear an oversized sporty t-shirt dress paired with heels ( Warning: Please make sure it’s an appropriate length)


– Love the way this look is styled:


This trend might look effortless, but trust me thinking of pairing the correct items together can be tricky. As it can easily go from glam to frumpy with one miss. Make sure you balance proportions, especially if your upper garments are oversized then make sure your sweatpants are tapered.

Will you be going Sporty Spice this season?


Xx S

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