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Hello lovelies

A few weeks ago one of my readers sent me products to review, from her range of home made holistic bath and beauty products. Sumaiyya has been exposed to all natural therapy from a young age, as her mum opted to use the natural approach when treating them for flu’s etc.

Sumaiyya had a terrible bout of eczema during winter and even leading beauty brands stopped working on her skin. Instead of using a harsh steroid based cream, she decided to turn to natural healing. After using an aromatherapy and bees wax salve for two weeks, she saw miraculous results. That’s how her business “All things Holistic” was born.

Sumaiyya sent me the Shea Butter, brown sugar and vanilla body scrub and a rose lip balm. I was taken by the packaging of the scrub. Gorgeously packaged in a glass jar, with a cute wooden spoon as an applicator.


I have been using the lip balm at night, as it’s thick in texture. It is quite nourishing although a prefer something a little creamier. The rose scent is quite potent, but in future I’d choose a different scent as I’m not one for heavy scents.

The one word to describe the body scrub is – delicious. It smells good enough to eat. The way I measure if a scrub is good enough or not is by how rough in texture it is. I must actually feel my skin being polished, and this scrub did just that. Sumaiyya warned me in advance that because the Shea butter is quite nourishing I must make sure that it doesn’t fall on the shower floor as it will make it really slippery. After rinsing off the scrub , and washing my body with my yellow body sponge that takes off basically anything (review here ) my skin was still silky smooth and nourished. I opted not to use a moisturiser after and yes my skin stayed moisturised for the entire day. And trust me my skin and winter don’t gel well together, so I was equally surprised. This scrub retails at R150 for 250ml.


All the scrubs are made with fresh, authentic and un-preserved ingredients. Therefore products are available as per the current season.

Some of the other scrubs available are:

Cinnamon and ginger:
Slow roasted cinnamon bark, which is later ground is the base for this amazing scrub.
Use this warming body scrub to help redistribute fat as well as remove dead skin cells
R70 for 250ml

Slow roasted coffee beans which are gently ground in a mortar and pestle are added to this aromatic scrub.
Helps breakdown cellulite, reduce the appearance of varicose veins and firm up the skin.
R80 for 250ml

Vanilla pods that are infused in almond oil, as well as ground vanilla pods take this scrub to a whole new level.
Besides its amazing scent, vanilla helps soften the skin and is one of the most calming and uplifting scents available
R80 for 250ml

Air dried lemongrass makes up the base of this exhilarating scrub. Lemongrass is known to help break fevers. It’s also an astringent which means its great for controlling oil breakouts and acne. It’s also an uplifting scent that helps with depression.
R80 for 250ml

Strawberry and Cardamom:
Gently dehydrated strawberries are the foundation of this delectable and uplifting scrub.
Enjoy this luxurious, yummy and intoxicating combination which balances your skin’s PH, repairs tanned skin and nourish your skins collagen cells.
R100 for 250ml

All lip balms have a beeswax base which is very nourishing. These lip balms are free of preservatives and last between 6-12 months.
The following flavours are available at R35 for 10ml


Treatment lip balms for discoloured and cracked lips are also available at R45 for 10ml, and a cold sore treatment at R50 for 10ml.

Sumaiyya has recently launched a hair treatment oil to her range. The aromatherapy oils are for falling, dry or oily hair.
-200ml aromatherapy oil R120
-towelling cap R80

The other great thing about Sumaiyya is that she asks you if you have any allergies or if you are pregnant so she knows which products she can recommend for you. She also offers postage around South Africa and she packages the glass bottles securely so you will not find shards of glass mixed with your product when it’s delivered to you.

For further info please contact Sumaiyya Mahomed:
Cell: 0767623306
Tel: 031 8372252
BBM Pin: 2637224F

Like her Facebook page here for product updates.

Xx S

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