No, leggings aren’t pants!!!!

Hello Again lovelies…

This post is about a fashion faux pas that literally makes me want to gag when I see it (tad dramatic, but well I’m sure many would agree with me):


Yes the infamous “leggings as pants” trend. I think it is totally unflattering even if you have a body to rival a Victoria’s Secret model. Yes leggings look great when paired with the correct item of clothing. Leggings have become popular amongst many women who don’t want to show off their legs when wearing dresses or mini skirts (especially Muslim women). But so many girls get it oh so wrong when pairing leggings with short upper garments, especially when the leggings are see through (GAG).
Many women wear leggings to gym as well, and no it’s still not appropriate to show off more than anyone really wants to see

Even fashionista Kim K has sinned :


Further examples as to why this is totally unacceptable :


When wearing leggings it’s all about playing with proportions. Loose upper garments, like flowy tunics or chunky knits in winter work well with leggings. Also it depends on your body shape, for example if you are straight you can get away with an upper garment that just ends up above your thighs.

If worn correctly it can look über stylish


And if you a bit iffy about whether you wearing your leggings properly consult the following checklist 😃


Xx S

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