Advice from Marylin Monroe…

Hello Lovelies

It has been a long and somewhat deary week on my side, hence I haven’t been blogging. I have a tendency to dream big and sometimes those dreams are shattered and I come close to the point where I feel like giving up is the only option.

My dream of entering into the fashion industry is something I felt I could achieve as it is something I’m passionate about, but I thought it would be a lot easier. Lately I started questioning the fact if I am cut out for it. As I can’t just drop everything to attend launches etc. Being from a small town Makes it that much more difficult.

Then it struck me, I haven’t given into failure yet, why should I start now? I will achieve my dream, even if it doesn’t happen overnight it’s bound to happen because my heart is in it.

This quote from Marylin Monroe is so appropriate:



So if you thinking about giving up on something that you are dead set on achieving , think again and again AND again ….


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