Hair Care 101


Hello Lovelies

This hair care post comes after I posted on my Facebook blog about how I love the length of my hair. My hair has always been my pride and joy, whether it was short or long. Unfortunately due to always heat styling it(yes I was obsessed with pin straight hair, and my Ghd was my life) my hair became limp and fine.

I tried a lot of volumising shampoo’s, some off the shelf some of the salon variety yet nothing really made a difference. Then I tried using the Nioxin range and what a difference it made to me. I would market their products any day. So my first tip is to use good quality shampoo, even if it’s off the shelf products like Tresemme and the Loreal products have good ranges, to suit most hair types. I chose Nioxin as it is a treatment shampoo. I also love Kerastase , I used to use this before. Salon quality shampoo’s and conditioners retail from R200 upwards, but I think it is worth in the long run.

My next tip is choosing and using the correct brushes for your hair type, so you don’t damage your hair. One rule I try to follow even if I’m in a hurry is to comb my wet hair with a wide toothed comb, this minimises hair breakage.

Everyone heat styles their hair , even if it is just with a hair dryer ,so my one rule is to use heat protectant creams or sprays, as this will help so your hair do it doesn’t dry out. Especially if you are using a flat iron, this is very important.

Another tip is to visit your hairdresser every 2-3 months, to trim your hair, this is to banish split ends, and to keep your growth healthy. Also treat your hair with a treatment even if it is just once a month. You don’t have to go to a salon, you can just use normal Coconut oil, or any off the shelf nourishing treatments. I recently saw hair butter at the body shop, I want to try it soon.
A tip for those of you that want to add volume to your hair, use hair spray underneath your hair and blow dry it, instant va va voom volume.

So here’s to lovely tresses all around…

Xx S

2 thoughts on “Hair Care 101

  1. fardeen adam says:

    I think a lot of heat on ones hair will obviously result in damaging it but with treatment maybe u can save it and I strongly believe that using the GHD maybe 3 times a week will be helping the situation and a lot of people use the iron and do not use the treatment that it comes with so ladies if u wana use it then use it the right way.

    Fardeen Adam

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