Being Grateful


Hello dears. I’m sure that you are happy it’s Friday..

I came across this picture on one of my friends BBM display pictures. It really hit home. I have bad days just like everyone else, where I complain, and question why can’t my life be better. I am eternally grateful for what I have, but it is human nature to yearn for more.

After reading these few simple, yet so profound words, made me realise that sometimes we complain about trivial matters. The simple things in life are what we essentially need.

Just a little food for thought , let’s be more grateful and thank God for all that he has given us.

Xx S

One thought on “Being Grateful

  1. laila says:

    hello Shaheeda,
    I hear birds chirping and ideas gushing! so excited about your new blog and just in time for flowery springy weather we are all waiting for!
    so agree with u let us live by contentment:)

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